Women Empowerment through Village Savings and loans

Women Empowerment is at the heart of Peoples Development organisation. Women are at the centre of Development in Sierra Leone and as such their empowerment is an...

PDO Improves education through material support

Peoples Development Organization is supporting supporting school going children with learning meterials for them to learn under good consitions. Most of the orphans and...

PDO Welcomes a New GMF from Global Ministries

As part of its mandate to grow and make impact in the community, PDO is pleased to welcome Mr Odilon Mwaba from General Board of Global Ministries. Mr Mwaba will be...

PDO Prioritizes Education

The director of people's development organization (PDO) Gassimu Mallah has disclosed that they have given boost to pupils enrolment in schools by supporting vulnerable...

What We Do


Our focus will be those who are in school and those who never made it to schools, those who are excluded because of gender, ethnicity, religious, age, poverty and Socio-economic status, and linguistic background. Everyone should have access to education


Our goal is to address the root causes of violence against women and promoting women’s economic empowerment. The approach in this strategy is to proffer economic opportunities for women and women’s groups, whilst providing awareness on their rights in society

Livelihood Development and Food Security

Food insecurity is one characteristic feature of poor households in Sierra Leone. The country is generally food poor because it depends on food importation to feed itself. PDO works with farming households, to achieve self-food sufficiency. We hope to provide them with planting materials and tools to produce food for themselves. This will be supported by provision of technical knowledge on farming, and value addition to produce.

Child Protection

Despite significant normative advances in the Sierra Leone law books, progress towards achieving protection for children in homes, community, and school, remains uneven and slow. At home they suffer domestic violence; exposed to child labour; they suffer neglect, and some are prevented from attending school. In schools they suffer bullying and corporal punishment which reduces their confidence and result in under-performance and school dropout.. Children need to be loved, appreciated, encouraged and provided for both in and out of school. PDO takes an advocacy role, in addition to other approaches


Government run public services account for approximately 80% of health service utilization. It has the mandate to develop and implement policies and programmes as well as undertake other necessary actions that will strengthen the national health system to deliver effective, efficient, quality and affordable health services that foster improved health status of Sierra Leoneans. Our interventions will be one of advocacy, provision, collaboration, networking and dialogue

Our Services

Legal Services



Educational Support

Women Empowerment

Human Rights

Child Protection

Health and Human Security

Livelihood Development

Food Security

Why Partner With Us

Committed Staff

We have trained, qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. Our team are multitasking and effective in the delivery of projects and programs


Registered Legal Entity

The organisationis registered with Sierra Leone Non- Governmental organisations (SLANGO) and the Ministry of Finance, Development and Economic Planning (MoFDEP)

Strong Government and Community Link

PDO has made strong working relationship with the Government and the communities we work with

Good Reputation

Ability to handle big projects funded reputable funders like European Union 

Our Partners

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